BiafraExit: Likely implications for Nigeria - Analysis by Ayo Dara
Igbos converge to celebrate Biafra at 50.

Since the release of the Radio Biafra boss Mr NnamdI Kanu from Kuje prisons the political environment in the South East of the country tensed up the more.

Infact, there has been statements issued by the Arewa Youths that their Igbo counterpart should vacate their lands. This has caused stir in the country hence likely implications:

If Biafraexit suffices there will be contagious effects around the country and other nations will agitate.

International bilateral relations will be threatened putting all external investment and agreements in jeopardy due to lack of trust of sustenance and unity.

There will likely be conflict in every faction of the nation instigating a leadership tussle.

The people will remain divided in false unity and potential war breading ground will beckons.

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SOURCE: Ayo Dara Analysis

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